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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery encompasses a wide variety of procedures, which include :

1) Surgical removal of teeth

2) Surgical removal of wisdom teeth

3) Surgical exposure of teeth

4) Insertion of dental implants

5) Grafting procedures and sinus lift

Having these procedures can often be daunting. Dr Sim will guide you through the process of treatment ensuring that you will be comfortable and have the very best care and service.

Facial and Jaw Surgery
Face Sculpture

Facial and jaw surgery may be required for various reasons, the most common being trauma and correction of congenital deformities and asymmetry.

With both medical and dental training, and a surgical craft dedicated to the face and jaws, Dr Sim understand that each and every patient is different, and as such all procedures are tailored to the individual case. Dr Sim places the utmost priority to ensure that patients are comfortable, informed about their procedure, and feel safe throughout.

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